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Research and Development Team

Research and Development Team

Leading by the chief engineer, form a vibrant research and development team. Make full use of the experience accumulation of innovation. Create products and services for global users and consumers.

New products development and technology research team:relying on two sets of small chlorination system that are 4kg grade and 10kg grade respectively, through scientific knowledge and professional skills, explore, design, develop new products, new brand and improve technology continuously. Research and development more than 20 kinds of new Weipren® brand independently. Therein to, Weipren® 2135, Weipren®8000 and other products filled in the blanks of domestic; Newly developed a series of trial chlorine polymer products used in paint industry, such as the low viscosity and high chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc.

Research and development team of plastic modification field: mainly engaged in applied researching on Weipren® in the aspect of plastic modification aspect. Carry out study on plastic modification mechanism and formulation. Based on the discuss on rheological properties, mechanical properties, compatibility, and collaborative performance of profiles, tubes and sheet products, solve some technical problems Weipren® occurred in hard products, soft products and elastomeric production. Monitoring plastic modification product performance our factory made. Put forward suggestions to stabilize product quality. Develop special aggregate, film emulsion of special function.

Rubber applied research team: bear Weipren® applied research in the field of rubber, the research direction is Weipren® in wire, cable, rubber hose, adhesive tape and other rubber products. Mainly according to market demand and user commission, select the appropriate Weipren® brand processing formulation research. Obtain products consumer and market expected. Lift products value constantly. Broaden the application scope. Recommend suitable Weipren® for users and put forward suggestions for improvement.

④ Research team of chloride polymer:according to market's future development direction, carrying out a series of research and development on polymer chlorination process and related research and service on application technology.

Customer service team: the main task of this team is to make comprehensive evaluation of Weipren® left the factory. Responsible for users’ consulting, accepting investigations user service leading group committed. Put forward improvement opinion on Weipren® process, raw material inspection and tracking. Promote quality of products  continuously.