Description :

Chemical name:azodicarbonamide
       Popular name: ADC blowing agent, AC blowing agent
       Product trademark: Porofor®,PAOERFU®
       Chemical formula: NH2CON = NCONH2 or C2H4N4O2
       Molecular weight: 116.08
       Elemental composition: C 20.69%, H 3.47%, N 48.27%, O 27.57%
       CAS NO. 123-77-3

  • ADC is a type of yellow or light yellow crystal in powder form. Its color is related to particle size. Its specific gravity is 1.65 and specific heat capacity is1.08784 J•g-1•K-1. The decomposition temperature is 205-215 ℃ ( melting point tube visual measured). It’s nontoxic and odorless. It has excellent storage stability. Meet fire automatic out, non-burning. Among all industrial blowing agents, ADC is the most economical and most widely applied organic chemical blowing agent. Porofor ® ADC has good dispersibility, large gas yield and nontoxic decomposition products. It is odorless and non pollutive, and is mainly used for production of closed- foam products. By adding some activating agent to ADC will lower its decomposition temperature down to 150 ℃ or even lower, which future enlarge its application fields.
    Porofor®ADC Characteristics
    1.Effective gas yield. It is a highly efficient blowing agent with high purity, large gas yield and high performance/price ratio.
    2.Reliable quality. Production device is of high degree of automation which ensures reliable product quality. Reduces waste. Especially suitable for blowing agent products of high quality demands.
    3.Complete specification.The particle size of products covers 3-15 microns, suitable for a variety of blowing agent application fields. Select five products of different particle sizes, can be used directly and can be further modified, expand the range of application, too. Therein, L - C2 and M - C1 used together with activators for modification and are especially suitable for the applying in production of articles with low temperature processing or high blowing efficiency.
    4.Good dispersibility. The product has small and uniform foams, with good feel and beautiful appearance.
    5.Good performance. Uniform particle size, narrow particle size distribution and reliable foaming performance. The solid residue is colorless, tasteless and non pollutive, and has no effect on product’s appearance and performance.
    6.Low dust. Lanxess proprietary technology, reduce dust.which is beneficial to improve user’s operating environment.
    7.Nontoxic. It can bu used in products with direct contact to foodstuff.
    Decomposition Properties of ADC
    The decomposition Properties of ADC are affected by many factors, such as processing temperatures, different activators or inhibitors, particle sizes and other auxiliary agents.
    Processing Temperatures
    Decomposition of ADC relies on processing temperature.Under the isothermal condition, ADC decomposition has obvious induction period. Improving the processing temperature will speed up ADC decomposition. As temperature increases, ADC of same specification has much shorter decomposition time and slightly bigger gas yield.
    Pure ADC has very high decomposition temperature (205 ~ 215 ℃). But it is still applicable to foamed PVC and other polymers of low processing temperature. When ADC mixed with some activators, the decomposition temperature can be reduced to 150 ℃, which makes the ADC has a wide range of using. Effective activators includes metal PVC stabilizers (zinc best) , polyatomic alcohol, urea, amine, organic acid and alkali, and some fillers and pigments, etc. With increasing of activator content, the self-foaming temperature reduces accordingly or achieve same emission content in shorter time.
     ADC Particle Sizes:
    Decomposition rate of ADC is influenced by ADC particle size and activators. Activation of ADC is directly related to activation surface area: small particle size ADC is more easily activated than big particle size ADC. Under same temperature, ADC of small particle size has quicker decomposition speed and can be more easily activated. When dynamic blowing method like injection molding or extruding are used, particle size of ADC has bigger influence on blowing properties than when static blowing methods are used.

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    ADC specification


  • 1 ton pallet packaging25KG carton packaging

    25 kg carton with PE inner bags and 1 ton pallet packaging. The form of packing can be also discussed with the customers.
    1.The temperature during storage and transportation shall be low. The ambient temperature shall not exceed 50 ℃ and the ADC product shall be kept away from heat source. ADC product should be stored under dry environment in sealed packages.
    2.Ventilation shall be assured in storage and processing places so that the gas emitted may not be accumulated and the product powder may not be breathed into human bodies. It is not allowed to stack large amount of ADC products that will not be used in short time.
    3.No contact with other types of blowing agents, acids, alkali or heavy metal salts which may cause chemical reactions and drastic decomposition.
    4.Packages with ADC residues shall not be used for containing other chemicals and shall be treated in accordance with relevant regulations.
    5.ADC may produce thick smoke if not properly used. If this happens, large amount of water shall be sprayed to prevent the decomposition reactions.