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Cooperation Partners

Cooperation Partners

Yaxing is an enterprise pays attention to international economic and technical cooperation, has established good and long-term interactions with many famous chemical giant in the world. Involves various aspects such as technology, products, raw materials and environmental protection. Have friends everywhere. Yaxing successfully collaborated with Hector, Bayer, Germany UHDE, Lanxess, Evonik Specialty Chemicals, Siemens, volt, South Korea's Lotte, Hunan Chemical, LG, American General Cable, Parker, Mark - IV, Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other large number of international well-known multinational companies successively. And have gained good business reputation around the world.
· Lanxess Deutschland GmbH  
In 2004, Yaxing signed the joint-venture agreement with Lanxess. And imported two sets of modern production equipment of world's top level from Lanxess--the hydrazine hydrate plant and ADC plant. Hydrazine hydrate production capacity is 12,000 tons a year and ADC foaming agent production capacity is 12,000 tons a year.
· Germany Hoechst(Hoechst) 
In 1990, Yaxing built the 6,000t/a CPE production plant with technologies imported from Hoescht. In 1994, Yaxing dismantled the 9,000t/a CPE production plant of Hoescht successfully. At present,the production capacity is 17,000 t/a.

·Krupp-Uhde Corp, Germany 
In 2004, Yaxing Chemical imported equipment and technology from Germany Uhde company, built 120,000 t/a production of ionic membrane caustic soda project.

· Germany Evonik Specialty Chemical (Evonik)
Yaxing and Evonik Specialty Chemical have cooperation for more than 20 years since 1993.
· Pfaudler Werke Gmbh,Germany(Pfaudler Werke GmbH) 
Yaxing Chemical cooperated with Pfaudler Werke Gmbh. And has developed core production devices of chlorinated polyethylene successively-GRADE 40m3BE40000 and GRADE 60m3BE60000 CPE specialized enamel reaction kettle. 
· Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., LTD  
In 1993, under the “Green Assistance Plan” by Japanese Government, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC arranged that Yaxing started to cooperate with Mitsubishi for a 35t/h wet method desulfurization plant. This plate was designed and built by Mitsubishi.Yaxing was responsible for utility engineering, civil engineering and construction design. This plant started up in June, 1995 and has been in stable operation, reliable performance high desulfurization rate with all technical indexes meeting the design requirement.

· South Korea's Lotte Chemical Co., LTD  
HDPE5600CP, 5000CP, CPE2132, CPE2135 and other project jointly developed with South Korea's Lotte Group Hunan Petrochemical Institute of Greatness, passed the technical appraisal by Science and Technology Agency of Shandong Province. In 2004, Yaxing Chemical Company signed a contract with South Korea's Lotte Chemical Co., LTD, set up sino-foreign cooperative joint venture enterprises—Yaxing Honam Chemical Co., LTD., whose Chlorinated Polyethylene annual output is 100000 tons.
· Mark(IV) Automobie Industry Company 
Yaxing cooperated with Mark (IV), the largest automobile rubber parts producer in U.S.A, developed the hoses used in automobile industry successfully.

· The General Cable
Yaxing supply materials for America's largest producer of wire and cable for nearly 20 years. Supply CPE tens of thousands of tons totally.
· The United States Parker
American Parker Company is the supplier of matched rubber hose for General Motor, Ford Motor and other motor corporation. Yaxing cooperated with Parker for more than 10 years. Stable quality and timely delivery is the key that Yaxing became Parker’s gold supplier.