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Green chemical industry

Green chemical industry

00.jpgAs a responsible public company, Yaxing chemical have the courage to take social responsibilities, pays attention to environmental protection fully. Yaxing passed the ISO14001 in 2008;2004 environmental management system certification. Passed the cleaner production auditing in 2011.

Yaxing chemical build product line according to the circular economy mode. Caustic soda produced is used for the preparation of hydrazine hydrate. Hydrazine hydrate is used for the preparation of ADC foaming agent. Ammonia, ADC foaming agent’s by-product is reused in production of hydrazine hydrate and thermoelectric gas denitration. The chlorine gas produced by caustic soda production was used to produce CPE. Hydrogen discharged was used for processing hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide solution can be used in the treatment of industrial waste water. Through this circular economy mode, realized the chlor-alkali balance and circulation connection between old and new industries. Achieved the unity of environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits.

11.jpg• Yaxing chemical persist in adopting new technology, new equipment for pollution control. Imported advanced technology and equipment from Japan mitsubishi heavy industries in 1995,built the first batch of boiler dry FGD desulphurization unit in domestic. The desulfurization rate reached more than 85%.It was recognized as the first emonstration device as well as the best in industrial boiler by State Development Planning Commission. In 2009,Yaxing chemical thermoelectric branch adopted the first-class equipment and DCS control system, built a new desulfurization device. Realized online monitoring and data remote transmission. The desulfurization rate can reach more than 95%.After processing, the sulfur dioxide concentration of emissions can be controlled below 200 mg/m3.2013, 2014 two years in a row the company invested 22 million to build the desulfurization and denitration, dust removal technology renovation project. The desulfurization device after reconstruction adopts the combination of injecting calcium into furnace and wet desulfurization extra furnace. Desulfurization rate is always more than 95%.Reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 5300 tons per year. According to the working condition of boiler and site condition, the new denitration device adopting SNCR technology.Use foaming agent company’s by-product ammonia as the denitrfying agent, efficiency reached 70%.And low ammonia escape rate. The concentration of nitrogen oxide emissions is much lower than the environmental protection standard. After reconstruction, dust removal using multi-stage combined static dust catcher patent and the new material bag dust removal technology. Dust emission concentration is lower than the environmental protection standard.

In 2015,Yaxing will continue to increase investment to environmental protection. Plan to build one set of new desulfuration absorber tower. And make profound dust removal transformation to no. 1, no. 2 boiler fume dust remover. Reach the stricter emission standard of the next step in advance.