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Yaxing Chemical Organizes Internal Control Evaluation Training

Recently, Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., LTD. invited experts from Beijing Yongtuo Certified Public Accountants Co., LTD for enterprise internal control evaluation. Conducted internal control evaluation training to person in charge of internal control system, internal control management and the evaluation group members of internal control.

The training took form of multimedia courseware, combined with case analysis, has systematacially explained “basic norms of enterprise internal control", "application guide of internal control", "evaluation guide of internal control", enterprise internal control system and integrated management system in order. Introduced Yaxing Chemical internal control system establishment situation, management system of internal control, internal control management manual and departments internal control evaluation responsibility, etc., which make the trainees understood our country’s enterprise internal control standard system and the establishment and operation situation of enterprise internal control system. Initially learned the promoting method of internal control evaluation, laid the foundation for making a good job in enterprise internal control evaluation.