Product:Industrial hydrazine hydrate

Description :


    In 2004, Yaxing Chemical introduced the 12,000t/year hydrate plant adopting advanced manufacturing technology and equipment from Bayer Germany, which is the most advanced ketazine production process in the world at present. 100% hydrazine hydrate Yaxing produced is currently the world's highest quality hydrazine hydrate products. And Yaxing Chemical is the only enterprise in China who produces high quality 100% hydrazine hydrate. Yaxing Chemical will develop into the largest and most advanced hydrazine hydrate company in the world in the future.
    Yaxing Chemical adopts the most advanced quality test equipment and analysis instrument, establishes its enterprise standards, which are higher than national standards, for all its raw materials, intermediates and finished products. The product quality reaches the standard of Bayer Germany in each and every aspect.
    Yaxing Chemical is the first in the same industry who has gained the quality management system certificate from DETNORSKEVERITAH(DNV). The certificate 32546-2008-AQ-RJT-RVA.
    All what we do is to provide stable quality to customers to maximize their profit.

  • Product Toxicity:
      1. Hydrazine hydrate is a combustible chemical. It decomposes into N2, NH3, H2 and other toxic or combustible nitrogen oxides under high temperature. When contacting with wood, fibers or cotton textiles, it is self-igniting.
      2. Hydrazine hydrate is a strong reducing agent. Under normal temperature ,vehement reactions are possible with halogen, HNO3, KMnO4,H2O2 and other oxidizing agents. It will cause fire and explode. It can also have vehement reactions with HgO, Na, SnCl2, and C6H3CIN2O4. When contacting some metal oxides, it can decompose and ignite.
      3. Hydrazine hydrate is a type of very caustic alkali and can corrode glass, rubber, leather and cork etc.
      4. The properties of hydrazine hydrate are similar to ammonia and ammonium hydroxide. It is more toxic than ammonia.
      LD50( Semi-lethal dose): 129mg/kg(rat oral).

  • Application Fields
    A. Production of Blowing Agents:
    Hydrazine hydrates can be used for many kinds of plastics and rubber chemicals. ADC blowing agent produced from hydrazine hydrate has more gas emission rate than that of other blowing agents, and the manufactured products are nontoxic, odorless, non-color changing with more stable properties.
    B. Synthesis of Agrochemicals:
    There are more than one hundred varieties of the agrochemicals which is synthesized by triazole – a derivative of hydrazine - and hydrazine hydrate.
    C. Medical Industry:
    Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives can be used for productions of numerous medicines like cephalosporin and rifampin.
    D. As a Deoxidant:
    Hydrazine is a reducing agent and its oxidation reaction generates nitrogen gas and water, which are nontoxic and not corrosive. It is often used as a quick deoxidant in water, the largest application being a deoxidant for boiler feedwater.
    E. Abstracted for producing fuel for rocket.
    F. Abstraction of noble metals.
    G. Air-bags for passenger vehicles.


    PE drum : 200L/Drum
    IBC drum : 1000L/Drum
    Tank truck : According to customers
    We have tailor-made package and label to meet customers’ need.