Product:Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

Description :

Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is a new type of themo-plastic elastomer based on chlorination reaction. CPE is of white color, nontoxic and odorless. Its special structure makes it possess various superior physical and chemical performances. Now CPE has been widely used in plastics and rubber applications, and is well acknowledged by the customers for its superior comprehensive performances and ideal cost-effectiveness.

  • 00.png1.Technical Guarantee
    Production Technologies
    Yaxing adopts CPE production technology of HCl-phase suspension, which was solely owned by Hoechst, Germany. This technology is leading the CPE industry and is characterized with flexible operation and best adaptability for serial products with respectively distinct features, thus different applications of different customers can be reached. Reacting with the presence of high density HCl as the medium, the CPE produced is uniformly chlorinated and has better flexibility, higher whiteness and is most suitable for high-end applications in plastics and rubbers. The HCl as the byproduct is fully recovered, which ensures environmentally friendliness and cleanness.
    Raw Material Guarantee
    Yaxing has a chlor-alkali production plant with capacity of 120,000t/mt, which fully ensures chlorine supply for CPE production. Yaxing has been since many years in strategic cooperation with Honam Petrochemical, the biggest PE producer in Korea. And Yaxing also has good strategic relationships with other domestic and foreign PE producers. This raw material supply guarantee is the base for Yaxing’s continuous development of new grades of CPE for the market’s new demand.
    Process Control
    Our CPE plant is equipped with globally most advanced SimaticPCS 7 control system of Simens design. Various process parameters can be comprehensively controlled via single-channel PID or multi-loop cascade control, which makes the real process move on precisely following the predesigned programmes. For example, the vibration of the reaction temperature, one of the key control parameters, can be controlled within ±0.1℃ precision. This advanced control technology serves as the base for all of our CPE standards to fully reach their original design.
    Advanced Equipment
    The main equipment for our CPE plant, such as chlorination reactors, plate filters, centrifuges, dryers and mills were all imported from Germany. The unique 60m3 enamel reactors equipped with agitating and frequency conversion system make the reaction go stably and orderly. The plate filters and centrifuges made of special materials effectively realize continuous operation of deacidification, water-washing and centrifuging. The anti-static airflow drying system and milling system ensure production of CPE with uniform quality.
    Quality Guarantee
    ◆Yaxing has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO10012 Measurement Management System Certificate and OHSAS18001 Occupational health and Safety Management System Certificate.
    ◆Yaxing adopts its enterprise standard which is higher than the industry standard. The quality supervision section tests on each batch of CPE product before leaving the warehouse to ensure satisfactory and stable quality.
    ◆Yaxing has a technical service section which traces CPE product quality, evaluates on application performance and responses to customers’ inquiries. It will make analysis on the problems occurred during customers’ use and help them better use WEIPREN® CPE
    00.png2.Unique Characteristics of Yaxing WEIPREN®CPE:
    ◆Unique Production Technologies and Equipment
      The only HCl phase suspension method introduced from Hoechst, Germany;
      The globally biggest 60m3 enamel chlorination reactors with stable running.
    ◆The Most Stable Raw Material Supply Guarantee and Control Technologies
      Stable self-supplied liquid chlorine and specialized multi-grade PE supply;
      PCS7 control system with Siemens design with most advanced control levels.
    ◆First-class Technological Research and Development Level
      The only first-class chlorinated polymers research center in China;
      Many testing and piloting devices for high polymer materials imported from foreign countries.
    ◆Superior Product Quality
      Our CPE is the only one without salt content and has higher whiteness and superior electric insulation performances.
      The products have many series with different performances and are widely used in many applications.
    ◆Most Environmentally Friendly Production Method
      Our CPE production is the only one without acidic water discharge and waste-gas discharge;
      The 25% HCl as the byproduct is fully sold as formal product. The production method is clean and environmentally friendly.
  • Product Index

    WEIPREN®CPE can be divided into WEIPREN®RESIN (resin) and WEIPREN®CM (synthetic rubber). WEIPREN®RESIN is mainly used in plastics and WEIPREN®CM is mainly used in rubbers. Based on detailed technical standards, the 2 domains can be further divided into various grades.

    1.Properties of WEIPREN®RESIN
    ◆Superior flexibility and impact resistance
    ◆Superior filling capacity
    ◆Good low temperature performance and weatherability
    ◆Superior flame retardancy
    ◆Superior compatibility with polymers such as PVC, PE and ABS
    ◆Superior chemicals resistance
    ◆Superior dispersibility and processibility
    Main Technical Standards for the Main Grades of WEIPREN®RESIN
    By setting up different production parameters, various types of WEIPREN®RESIN can be produced for different types of market demand. Beside normal grades, we can design special grades of CPE to meet customers’ special requirements to meet their distinctive applications.
     000.jpg   11.jpg
    2. Properties of WEIPREN® CM
    ◆Superior mechanical performances
    ◆Good low temperature performances
    ◆Superior heat aging performances, weatherability and chemicals resistance
    ◆Superior flex-resistance
    ◆Good flame retardancy and machine oil resistance
    ◆Long storage time
    ◆Ideal cost effectiveness
    Main Technical Specifications of the Normal WEIPREN®CM Grades
    By adopting different PE materials and setting up different process control parameters and product specifications, more WEIPREN®CM grades can be produced. Obviously different performances can fulfill special requirements in different applications. Therefore, customers can select normal grades or grades of special requirement based on its processing conditions and technical requirements of its final products.

  • 1.Application of WEIPREN®RESINimage.png
    ◆PVC Modification
    As a superior and cost-effective impact modifier, WEIPREN®RESIN is widely used in various rigid plastic products such as plastic profiles, pipes, fittings and sheets, and it is used in production of external wall sidings and anti-corrosive and moisture-proof thin wall boards. WEIPREN®RESIN is able to speed up plastification of PVC, improve its processibility, greatly enhance the impact resistance of the final product and greatly improve PVC’s low temperature performances and weatherability.
    ◆Flame Retardant ABS
    WEIPREN®RESIN itself is a type of flame retardant and it has great adaptability with flame retardant ABS. The use of WEIPREN®RESIN can decrease the amount of flame retardant used, increase the filling capacity while not decrease the impact resistance of the flame retardant products. Detailed phr of CPE addition depend on different equipment, process parameters and respective standard demands of the customers. (We suggest to use 5-15 phr). Weipren2135 has good heat stability, medium flowability, high filling capacity, good adaptability with ABS and they are suitable for uses with flame-retardant ABS.
    ◆Magnetic Material
    WEIPREN®RESIN 7030 has very high filling capacity for ferrite powders. Magnetic product made from WEIPREN®RESIN has superior magnetic power and the rubber product made from WEIPREN®RESIN has good low temperature flexibility and ductility. They are widely used for fridge sealing strips, magnetic boards, magnetic bars, etc. The good heat resistance of WEIPREN®RESIN also makes it applied in production of magnetic components for electromechanical products.
    ◆Soft Product
    As an outstanding elastomer, WEIPREN®RESIN can be directly used for production of soft products. By using WEIPREN®RESIN, no plasticizer or small amount of plasticizer is added. The soft product produced has particularly nice weatherability and long service life. The use of WEIPREN®RESIN successfully avoids serious plasticizer migration in traditional PVC soft products which leads to physically negative transformation of the final products, and successfully extend the service life of the soft products. WEIPREN®RESIN can be widely used in water-proof coils, shoe materials, plastic wires, sealing strips, tarpaulin, awning and other soft products.
    ◆Modifying PE and other Plastics
    The structure of WEIPREN®RESIN has similar molecule chains with PE and other plastics, therefore it has good adaptibility with them. After addition of WEIPREN®RESIN, the hardness of the plastic product can be decreased effectively and weatherability, ozone resistance and flame retardancy can be increased.



    2.Application of WEIPREN®CM
    ◆Wires and Cables.
    WEIPREN®CM has good mechanical performances, good electric insulation, superior processing ability and is widely used in wires and cables. Its applications includes: insulation layer for various types of oil resistant parallel cords (HPN cords), protective sheath for soft cords or soft cable for home appliances (electric heater, kitchen ware, air conditioner, refrigerator), protective sheath for cables of light, medium and heavy duty, protective sheath for mine cable, marine cable and locomotive cable, insulation layer or sheath for power cable, instrument cable and control cable. WEIPREN®CM is cost effective and its vulcanized rubber can be stored at ambient temperature for long time. WEIPREN®CM has become well acknowledged by the customers.
    ◆Insulation Performanceimage.png
    The chlorination of WEIPREN®CM is in glass-lined reactors without involvement of metal ions. It is not necessary for cleaning with caustic solution and there is no conductive ions sticking on its surface, which endows WEIPREN®CM with good insulation performances. The volume resistivity of it’s vulcanized sheet can be as high as 1013~1014Ω•cm. Weipren7130 and Weipren6535 which are newly developed have even better insulation performances.
    ◆Automobile Hoses and Industrial Hoses.
    As WEIPREN®CM has good heat resistance, oil resistance, chemicals resistance, ozone resistance, flex resistance and high stretching strength, it has become the ideal choice for automobile industry. The application of WEIPREN®CM in automobile industry are gear box oil hoses, brake hoses, power steering hoses, inlet and outlet hoses for engines, etc. It can also be used in external layers of oil delivery hoses for engines, air conditioner hoses, etc. WEIPREN®CM also has good market prospect in industrial oil delivery, chemicals delivery and mining.
    ◆Various Types of Specialized Rubber Products.
    As WEIPREN®CM has good resistance to heat, oil, chemicals and aging, it can be used for fabrication of specialized rubber articles such as engineering rubber, sealing rings, gaskets and lining. Also I can be used as special rubber materials such as for production of rubber cloth.
    ◆Use Together with Other Rubbers.
    Combined use of WEIPREN®CM with rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, CSM, CR, IIR and SBR will not only reduce production cost but also improve specific performances of the rubber.


  • 1.5t palletized packaging25kg PE bag packaging25kg EVA bag packaging25kg PP bag packaging500kg PP bag packaging

    Yaxing has various types of packages to meet different requirements from the market. The forms of packages are: 25kg PP bags, 25kg PE bags, 500kg/600kg/750kg/900kg/1000kg big bags, 25kg low melting point EVA bags specially made for rubber customers. For pallets, fumigation or non-fumigation pallets are used for loading 1-1.5 tons of product.