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Yaxing Chemical Self-examination Energy Management System

Recently, Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., LTD., used two days to carry out the internal auditing of annual energy management system. Examined conformance and operation effectiveness of the new version energy management system.

This auditing is the first internal auditing after Yaxing Chemical passed the energy management system evaluation and system files version upgrade in last January. Adopted method of random sampling. According to GB/T23331-2012 standard, energy management manual, program files, related laws, regulations and other requirements, company system and related documents, etc., for all departments that energy management system covering conducted a comprehensive auditing. The auditing focus on the departments’ annual energy targets, indicators and energy management plan completion, implementation of the system files, laws, regulations and other requirements. In order to ensure the internal auditing work smoothly, Yaxing Chemical established a auditing team headed by management representatives of the energy management system, and released the auditing plan and schedule.