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R & D Instrument

R & D Instrument

In recent years, the research center has invested more than 20 million Yuan accumulated. Introduced experiment testing instrument and equipment qualified international advanced level. Have a solid foundation to the analysis and application test of chlorine polymer.

Industrial production simulation test system: own two sets of industrial simulation test system, equipped with high-precision enamel test kettle and DCS control technology, could conduct new materials and products development of 4 kg and 10 kg grades.

Basic analytical instruments:differential scanning calorimeter, fourier transform infrared spectrum,energy spectrum instrument and automatic melt index instrument, round bar capillary rheometer, gravimetric analyzer and other  analytical instruments that high polymer material test need. Analysis method is much more comprehensive and effective.

Application performance sample preparation and testing instruments:huck torque rheometer, extrusion machine, profile performance testing instrument, meshing banbury mixer, open mill, vulkameter,mooney viscometer and high&low-temperature tensile machine, etc.

Material aging performance test instrument: QUV aging instrument, Q- SUN aging instrument, ozone aging instrument and aging oven, salt mist aging oven.

These high-grade,precision and advanced equipments and testing instruments could satisfy the scientific research and development and product testing requirements of research center. Test could be more excellent and professional.