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Yaxing Chemical Focus on Ten Keys Carry out Special Fire-proof Inspection in Winter

According to the characteristics of wildfire-prone, high-incidence in winter of the northern areas, Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., LTD. does well safety management work in anti-freezing, anti-slipping and preventing poisoning as well as highlighting the reinforcement of fire-proof safety. Yaxing Chemical decides to carry out special fire-proof inspection in winter with an emphasis on ten hidden dangers, to prevent and curb fire accident effectively, keep enterprise production safety situation remained stable.

Yaxing Chemical determines ten hidden dangers in fire-proof inspection include: equipment static elimination, management of steam heating, electric heating, coal heating, fire control equipment, fire control escape and interactive fire, safety in utilizing electric energy, smoking ban, management of inflammable and explosive articles, weeds in health area, emergency disposal, fire-proof inspection of migrant workers, etc. Yaxing Chemical requires every department according to the principle of "Who is director who is in charge", carry out comprehensive fire-proof inspection within the scope of respective competent areas. Direct at problems checked out, implement corrective actions, rectification time and responsible person, make sure the corrective actions in place within a time limit.